Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Eve Bash

Pop the champagne open....it's almost New Year's!! New Year's Eve is a very popular date to get married on, why not start out you're marriage with a bang!


It seems that, each year, we find ourselves scratching our heads debating on what we should do for New Year's Eve....well some people decide to create a party for us!

I will admit, at first I was skeptical of having a wedding on New Year's Eve....just due to the fact that you may be potentially taking away somebody's holiday or time off from work for what people may think might be an  "obligation" to attend for whatever reason. But the more I think about it, the more I believe it may actually be a great idea to have a New Year's Eve wedding. You typically want to do something fun and exciting for New Year's Eve anyway...why not have a wedding? What a memorable New Year's that will make. You can get all your friends and family together and kick off the New Year in fashion. You can avoid the crowds, the over-priced bars and create you're own magical night that you can share with all the people you love in one room.

You can really create an awesome ceremony and reception atmosphere with the New Year's theme. The fireworks, disco balls, champagne, confetti, balloons and all you can think of that shines and sparkles!


You can really do it right from the beginning with some exciting "Save the Dates" and fun New Year's Eve stamps to send off into the mail:


Instead of roses lining the aisle, add confetti, balloons or sparkling stars:

Create the New Year's Eve feel to your reception tables by adding color, confetti and favors so that you're guests can use them throughout the night:


Add a ball drop at midnight to really create the New Year's Eve energy:


Add a disco ball to your dance floor:

You could really make it fun and memorable by creating a theme in which your guests need to dress up for. Send out invitations that resemble "The Great Gatsby" or the "roaring 20's" and dress accordingly:

Here are some other amazing ideas from New Year's Eve inspiration boards I found on the web:


Bella M Events



Jessica Claire Photography

Regardless of what you are doing on New Year's Eve...be safe and have fun!!! :)

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