Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding Nightmares

What is it with us girls having nightmares about our wedding day? I had them….my friends have them and women all over on message boards discuss the horror they awaken to.

Luckily, they are only dreams. I was missing everything on my big day. No dress, my hair was a mess and my makeup was awful….I looked like a clown. My friend had no guests show up at her wedding and another friend is having nightmares of the bus not showing up to pick-up all her guests at her wedding in a few short weeks.
Gee whiz, why can’t the boys suffer through these dreams  nightmares!! J
I just wanted to list the top nightmares women experience when planning their wedding:
1.       Missing Wedding Dress – There you are, ready to get married. Your hair is done, makeup is done and all the guests are at the ceremony….but wait….where’s my dress????

2.       Not ready or prepared – It so happens that the wedding crept up so fast that you are not ready. Your hairs isn’t done, you didn’t schedule your make-up to be done….your shoes and jewelry are missing but your friends tell you that it will all be just fine and to throw on some jeans (or fill in your own ending).
3.       You get wasted – Girls dream that they get so wasted at the reception that they can’t even remember anything about it and act like a complete fool in front of everyone!!

4.       The dress doesn’t fit – Ahhhhhh, after all the fittings and alterations… pull the dress out of the bag and it doesn’t fit.

5.       No Caterer – Yep, the caterer didn’t show up. Imagine that!!

6.       The Cake – The cake doesn’t show up or gets ruined the day of.

These are just a few nightmares that occur. Many women dream that the groom doesn’t show, her parents decide not to come, she gets pregnant and can’t fit into the dress b/c her belly grew overnight and her teeth fallout which makes for beautiful pictures.

Your wedding planning could be going completely smooth and everything is perfect with the fiancĂ©…but you still get the dreams. So I would say it’s pretty normal to experience these wonderful nightmares.
Although, looking back….it’s funny to think about! But it causes for restless nights leading up to your wedding. Unfortunately, some brides’ nightmares play out in real life but for the majority of women… all works out perfectly!!


  1. These are too funny and sadly so true! Thank goodness nothing like that happened on either your or my day!



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