Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Bucket List

Just about everyone has a list of places they want to see or visit in their lifetime and that makes me no different. I just thought I would share MY bucket list of places I want to visit because they would make BEAUTIFUL honeymoon spots.

Depending on your budget you can go near or far and find the paradise you are looking for. The 1st on my list of course….takes me far…Maldives:

My other pick takes me just as far to Bora Bora:

Thailand is a stunning place to visit (so I've heard). The Thai beaches rival what we call the Caribbean. Check out Karon Beach in Phuket, Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui, or Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi:

If you are more of a city person and want to be in the hustle & bustle, Prague is definitely on the list. I hear so many wonderful things and can’t wait for my chance to visit:

Venture over to Budapest, Hungary:

Moscow, Russia:

Take me to South Africa!! I would LOVE to go on a safari. How amazing would it be to see all these beautiful animals in their natural environment and then jump over to the seaside and maybe catch a glimpse of a great white shark:

Okay…this one has already been checked off the list but it was truly amazing. Turks and Caicos is back on my list of places I NEED to go back to! My husband and I went to Turks on our honeymoon and it was complete paradise:

Gansvoort Hotel

I think I could go on and on with where I would like to go and what I would like to see. Please feel free to add your input and places you have on your bucket list!

Friday, November 11, 2011


First....HAPPY Veteran's Day to all you out there who serve or have served in the military. We appreciate all that you do for our country. Thank you!

Now in wedding news:

Today is a very busy day for all those in the wedding industry. Couples were busy planning for a wedding today or flocking to wedding chapels for this popular 11/11/11 wedding date. People were rushing to the courthouse to get their marriage license on Thursday before government offices were shut down for Veteran's Day. People all over the world are getting married on this popular date which happens once every 100 years. These couples either believe in good luck or just want to remember an easy anniversary date! ;)

In Vegas, a marriage license was given out every two minutes and over a thousand were issued on Thursday for the Friday date.

Courtesy of Jim
 I wish you all good luck and hope the date brings you nothing but happiness!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vendor Spotlight

As I have mentioned before, getting a wedding planner for my wedding was one of the best decisions I could have made. A huge weight is lifted off your shoulders on the day of your wedding. Instead of worrying about the caterer being on time and the cake showing up, you get to enjoy getting ready with the most important people in your life and taking in all the moments of that beautiful day stress-free. Let's please not forget all the other details a planner can help with during the planning stages of that special day. It's nice to have the expertise of a planner on your side. The Tampa Metropolitan area has many awesome planners to choose from and I would like to recognize Christiana Winsor of Winsor Event Studios.

Christiana is the Founder & Senior Creative Consultant of Winsor Event Studio. She has been in the wedding industry for several years and brings amazing talent to the Tampa market.

Christiana can help create your vision of the perfect day. Planners can really help you more then you know:

  • They can help tie all your ideas into one picture.
  • They keep you organized and help create a timeline keep you on track.
  • Relationships. Planners know people which can help to save you money. They have many relationships they have created through their experience in the industry and can help find you that florist that fits within your budget or the DJ that fits your style.
  • They can also help with negotiating contracts and making sure you are getting what is best for your budget.
  • A friend. At the end of the day, you have found a new friend who was there to experience your big day with you and that person helped create what you have been dreaming about for so long.

Christiana LOVES what she does and will work with brides on any budget. Be sure to check out her website for more information and read her client testimonials!

You can contact Christiana at:


Be sure to check out her website and blog:

Images courtesy of Winsor Event Studio.