Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why I'm here.....Chiavari Chairs!

The chiavari chair is an undeniably classic and elegant look. It is one of those details that can transform your wedding. Many brides struggle with the decision of chairs mainly due to the cost. The standard ballroom chairs typically clash with most wedding colors or d├ęcor, so choosing chairs or covers is usually placed on the ”to do” list.

The chiavari chair originated in Chiavari, Italy in 1807 by Gaetano Descalzi. It was made out of a solid, sturdy hardwood yet light to carry. Today there are varieties of this chair made out of resin and metal. Hardwood is still the best quality by far.

There is a reason that so many celebrities use this classic chair at their weddings such as Carrie Underwood and Bethenny Frankel. The chiavari chair is also the go-to for well known wedding planner David Tutera. It doesn’t hurt to know that the Kennedy’s used these chairs at their 900-guest wedding in 1953.

Courtesy of Life Magazine

Chair covers and sashes do not add that same touch of elegance but is a much cheaper option than the chiavari chair. Don’t get me wrong, if these are your only option to cover up those ballroom chairs, definitely go for them. They just don’t do as much justice as opposed to the chiavari chairs. The tables are already covered with linens and the chair covers make the room look more cluttered and crowded in my opinion. The chiavari chair is a clean, sleek look that adds so much to a room or venue.

You may be thinking, “but it’s just a chair” which if you are a bride, you know otherwise. The chair is another detail that can change your wedding or event theme. It adds to the lighting, centerpieces and the draping. It was always my go-to chair when planning special events. It’s one of those costs that you keep going back and forth on in the budget. I know I lost sleep when planning my wedding. I knew this was an extra cost that made the budget tight, I loved the chiavari chair but could I actually rationalize the cost….oh but I did! In the end, it was a must! I had seen first-hand how it changed a room from my experiences. Every additional photo I saw with these beautiful chairs kept convincing me more and more that I needed them for my big day.

At the end of the day, everyone has their own preferences and opinions on the chiavari chair vs. the chair covers. What’s yours? :)


Images courtesy of TheKnot.com, Ijustsaidyes.com and Life Magazine


  1. I too was a bride with a 'to-do' list but chairs were not on it. Looking back on my wedding I would agree that saying 'it's just a chair' was the downfall of my reception decor. I didn't research renting actual chairs since my wedding reception took place in a grand ballroom where tables and chairs were provided. By the time I realized the chairs that the hall was using it was too late. I had to settle for the forest green cloth 'bingo chair'. Ugh! What a mistake. Every time I look at the pictures of my reception all I can see are those hideous green chairs. Had I known that I could have afforded to rent chairs I would have jumped at the chance. I will definitely recommend Chiavari Chairs to my friends!

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