Monday, August 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding....Take Two??

Everyone has their own opinion on the Kardashian clan. I gave it a week and have decided to add my two cents on this whole "Kim Kardashian Wedding." For the first time, I actually turned E! on this weekend and watched a few episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about before making my judgment call. I have never watched it before and I can honestly say, I don't plan on watching it in the future. I'll admit to having a few laughs because of Khloe and Kourtney but Mama Kris and Kim aren't the least bit amusing. Kris Jenner really thinks she should change her last name back to Kardashian to keep up with the "brand." Poor Bruce:

I will give them credit, this family knows how to make some money. They are brilliant, they have made "The Kardashians" into a household name. Kim was able to profit off of her wedding as opposed to the majority of us scraping every penny for that big day. They had TV deals, endorsements and were able to sell the first photo rights to People for $1 million...just to name a few. Then most of everything at the wedding was either given or on loan. I would gladly wear $10 million in jewelry to promote the Schwartz brand and give it back. How about the $15,000 in hair & make-up.....I feel cheap after hearing that. I just went to the MAC store for my wedding (which by the way did a fabulous job)!

Her favors made you feel like you were at a press junket rather then a wedding:
  • A pair of bejeweled flip-flops emblazoned with the phrase “Kim loves Kris"
  • A bedazzled jacket with "Kim loves Kris" on the sleeve
  • A bottle of Kim's fragrance "Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian"
  • OPI nail-polish endorsed by the Kardashians called "Wel-Kim"
  • A gift certificate to Shoe Dazzle, Kim's shoe shopping website

I could go on and on about the money that was spent on this wedding. The Bridal registry was over the top which we all have heard about. The thought of a $7800 vase or a $1500 coffee maker on my bridal registry is just absurd and in bad taste, I don't care how much money you or your guests have. Hearing them compare their wedding to the "Royal Wedding" is laughable. They really do think they are America's royalty but who's laughing since America is obsessed with them? They are grabbing all the headlines because people keep watching and buying. But here is where England's royalty and the Kardashian's differ. Prince William and Kate do not need a $7800 vase, they preferred that their guests donate to charity since they are very fortunate as it is. Apparently with all the money Kim has, she still wants more...

I really don't want to come off as bitter or jealous which I'm sure I do (I mean there is a tinge of jealousy on being able to profit off of her wedding). But this all seems like a publicity stunt to me and Kris Jenner (or Kardashian) is one hell of an agent. Over the past year, we have seen three different articles at the check-out counter:

Less than a year later after proclaiming she wanted to be married by now, she's married to a guy who fits into the "K" that a coincidence too?! I want to keep this as an open discussion and get your opinion on the matter (don't worry, I respect all opinions, even those that differ from mine)! Some may think they will have their happily ever after while others are hoping Kris Humphries is in on the PR stunt too since he did have to sign a pre-nup and was missing in the majority of the wedding photos because he was "apparently too tall."

Do you think this was a publicity stunt or do you think that this wedding was a girl's dream come true regardless of all the cameras rolling?

What will People's next cover be?
Images courtesy of People Magazine

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