Friday, February 24, 2012

Vacation Videos

I had such a big response on the "Bucket List" post I blogged back in November, that I thought I would reach out to you the reader. I am looking for anyone who would like to share their vacation videos, honeymoon videos or even videos from a night out in your hometown. It can be silly, fun, adventurous, etc.....

I want to share your experiences and your favorite spots around the world. It helps people get a different perspective of what is fun or what other people enjoy. You may help someone choose to go to a certain place for vacation or to make a visit to your hometown. Every city has so much to offer but a majority of the time you don't know about it. You always know the popular attractions or what the hotel concierge tells you to check out but this will give me real advise on places to see and things to try!

Life's too short to not see the world and to experience what other places have to offer.

Please email videos to

Thanks so much!!

Barcelona 2011
Arsenal Game 2011
Venice 2010