Friday, November 11, 2011


First....HAPPY Veteran's Day to all you out there who serve or have served in the military. We appreciate all that you do for our country. Thank you!

Now in wedding news:

Today is a very busy day for all those in the wedding industry. Couples were busy planning for a wedding today or flocking to wedding chapels for this popular 11/11/11 wedding date. People were rushing to the courthouse to get their marriage license on Thursday before government offices were shut down for Veteran's Day. People all over the world are getting married on this popular date which happens once every 100 years. These couples either believe in good luck or just want to remember an easy anniversary date! ;)

In Vegas, a marriage license was given out every two minutes and over a thousand were issued on Thursday for the Friday date.

Courtesy of Jim
 I wish you all good luck and hope the date brings you nothing but happiness!

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