Monday, September 12, 2011

Venues I love....

There are so many AWESOME venues in the Tampa Bay area (this includes St. Pete, Clearwater and Sarasota). We have beautiful beaches, amazing weather, great hotels and many venues that can create a fabulous event.

I love venues that provide outdoor/indoor wedding options with our weather (in the RIGHT months of course). So we'll start with those first and I'll follow-up with another post on great hotel venues I love.

***Destination brides be warned when booking a wedding outdoors in July and August, always have a PLAN B for rain and humidity!***

My first choice is probably completely due to my bias opinion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Davis Islands Garden Club but I did get married there so others may think differently. I just feel there is so much you can do with this venue for the DIY bride. The outside area is already decorated for you with its beautiful garden and you can transform the reception hall area to whatever theme you want to create. :

Gazebo at the Davis Islands Garden Club

 The Crosley Estate is also a very beautiful venue. It's on the water and provides beautiful landscaping:

Want to plan a very unique wedding, think about using the Lowry Park Zoo as the perfect location for your big day:

Ringling Museum in Sarasota has beautiful grounds and an amazing backdrop for an outdoor wedding:

Barbara Baker Photography

The University of Tampa provides for a great location for your wedding or special event:

If you're looking for a very modern feel for your wedding, I think museums are great locations to get this look:

Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa Museum of Art
Atrium at Tampa Museum

Glazier Children's Museum:

Tampa Bay History Center located in Channelside near the St. Pete Times Forum:

Please be assured there are still so many awesome venues and these are just a handful of what the Tampa Bay area has to offer. Please feel free to add venues you think deserve to be on a list of best venues in Tampa Bay. I love getting feedback and even learning about hidden gems I don't know about! :)

Images courtest of Mandy & Me Studio, The Crosley Estate, Ringling Museum, Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa Museum of Art, Glazier Children's Museum, Univerity of Tampa, Tampa Bay History Museum and Barbara Baker Photography.

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